Physical Education (PE) Curriculum

At Blakesley Hall School, all children will have the opportunity to take part and compete in a variety of sports and physical activities throughout their education. Through Sports and activities, the children will be provided with a chance to learn and develop outside of the more formal classroom setting. All pupils will understand the importance of being active and the impact that this has on their development, physical and mental wellbeing.

We will develop skills beyond physical fitness which can be transferred across the wider curriculum and link closely with the values driven ethos of our school. We will create a stimulating environment that will encourage and improve every individual and, as a result, all children will have an increased confidence and allow themselves to take greater risks and opportunities.

Our staff will provide children with the opportunity to take part in a range of extra-curricular activities which will not only develop their skills but also enable them to compete with others both at school and in the wider community.