Geography Curriculum

At BHPS we believe that Geography is a subject that enables students to develop a greater understanding of the natural and human worlds.

The aim is to create a high quality Geography curriculum that will teach students about places from varying scales beginning with the local area in lower school through to a bigger global picture in the upper school while frequently referring back to previous topics and scales. Students will investigate the people that inhabit spaces and the connections between them; the availability of environmental resources and natural and human processes including formation and use of landscapes.

Through Geography, students will develop a range of key subject and cross-curricular skills including using physical and digital maps, globes and aerial photographs to identify landmarks, countries, continents and oceans; direction, position and movement; multimedia communication and using and analysing data.

Using the key skills map teachers will plan lessons that ensure students are given opportunities to examine these geographical concepts in a theoretical and practical way both on and off the school site.