Geography Curriculum

At Blakesley Hall Primary School, we believe that Geography enables our children to connect to the wider world.

Through Geography, pupils develop an appreciation for our planet and the challenges faced by it, and understand the reciprocal impact that we – both as individuals and as a collective humankind – have on our world, and that the world has on us. Geography is the medium through which children are able to appreciate and understand current affairs, and the issues that affect our communities, both local and global.

We provide a high quality Geography curriculum, using the National Curriculum and our own Key Skills and Breadth of Study documents to ensure full curriculum coverage; as a result, pupils develop their knowledge in four key areas of substantive knowledge: location; place; environmental, human and physical geography; and geographical skill.

We ensure children develop a sense of space and place through a curriculum of progression from the local (in the Early Years and Key Stage 1) to the global (in Key Stage 2), exploring the physical and human environments that pertain to these areas and the similarities and differences in our places of study.

s children progress through the school, they are encouraged to make comparisons between new places of learning and their local area, in order to make learning relevant and aid knowledge retention for all learners.

Geographical tools, including maps, atlases, globes, photographs and digital resources, are used to enhance teaching and deliver learning. Fieldwork outside of the classroom facilitates children’s understanding of our local area, while video footage and digital mapping expose children to places outside of it: comparison-making between the two enables children to build a picture of the world as they see it.

At Blakesley, we aim to raise the profile of Geography. A world map and globe in every classroom facilitates the making of cross-curricular links across the Wider Curriculum. In addition, we use Geography learning as topic stimuli in Writing, and make links with Reading and Maths where possible in order to develop children’s core skills and geographical knowledge.

The pupils of Blakesley are enthused by Geography. We are committed to shaping our pupils into young geographers, ready to make their mark on our world.