Satutory National Curriculum Subjects

Parental right to withdraw a child from parts of the curriculum

Maintained schools must follow the National Curriculum

The following table shows which subjects parents have the automatic right to withdraw their child from:

Subject Automatic right to withdraw child?
Religious Education (RE) Yes
Health and relationships education (as part of PSHE) No
English No
Mathematics No
Science No
Art and Design No
Citizenship (as part of PSHE) No
Computing No
Design and Technology No
Languages No
Geography No
History No
Music No
Physical Education (PE) No


Relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education

Parents can withdraw their children from sex education, however we have made the decision to not teach sex education, apart from the aspects covered by the Science curriculum, which are compulsory. Parents can't withdraw their children from health and relationships education.

Physical Education (PE)

Parents can't withdraw their children from PE. This includes:

  • Swimming in KS1/KS2 (as it's part of the National Curriculum)
  • Off-site PE activities arranged by the school as part of the curriculum
  • Activities in cold weather
  • Dance

Collective Worship

We must provide daily Collective Worship for all registered children. However, parents can ask for their children to be totally or partially withdrawn from Collective Worship. Parents don't have to give a reason. But, to avoid misunderstandings please put in writing, to the Headteacher:

  • The elements of worship you would object to
  • If you will allow your child to be present during the Collective Worship, but not take part
  • What your child should be doing if they can't be present during the Collective Worship

We will provide supervision for any children withdrawn from Collective Worship.

Religious Education (RE)

All requests for withdrawal from RE must be made, in writing, to the Headteacher.