Junior Leadership Team (JLT)

The Junior Leadership Team is formed of many groups of pupils from right across the school. These children represent their peers by work closely with the Senior Leadership team to gain and give pupil voice which then helps us to guide or decisions and make changes which will benefit all children in our school ensuring that they ae partners in their own education.

The JLT includes the following groups of children:

Head Girls and Boys

Our Head boys and Head girls have many responsibilities across the school. They lead by example and are role models to the rest of the school.

Senior Prefects

These are our senior prefects. They are always available to help and support around school especially at playtimes and lunchtimes.

This year, every class has two prefects that lead by example in their own classes.

School Council

This is our School Council.

The children are from Year 1 up to Year 6 and they have lots of jobs to do throughout the year.

These include:

  • Helping organise fundraising events
  • Sharing ideas about how the school can be improved
  • Giving pupils a voice
  • Links to the local community

Well-Being Ambassadors

Members of the JLT

Introducing our new Well Being Ambassadors.

Year 5 children have been given this exciting opportunity to promote good mental health and well being across the school. All the pupils chosen, had to apply for the role and write a short application letter.

Watch out for their work and what activities they’ll be organising this year.

Learning Ambassadors

Introducing our Learning Ambassadors who provide an important pupil voice in our school.

Each class from Year 1 to Year 6 contains two Learning Ambassadors who have been selected by their teachers. They are fantastic learning role models who promote good learning behaviours in their class and enjoy talking about their learning to leaders and visitors to the school.

We also have two Art Ambassadors, selected by the Art leader, who help with the promotion of the subject in school. They also provide great ideas and feedback about Art.