What People Say About our School

What our Children Say

  • "We get to do lots of different things. It helps me feel smarter."
  • "We learn something new every single day."
  • "Everyone helps us to do our very best."
  • "No matter what, staff are always there for us."
  • "It is a good school. Everyone is polite."
  • "The teachers are friendly and have helped me build my confidence."
  • "The school is really well organised."
  • "Blakesley Hall helps me to prepare for life."
  • "School gives me knowledge."
  • "School helps me read and learn."
  • "I enjoy learning about different religions. It helps us to respect each other."
  • "I enjoy writing. It will help me get a job when I’m older."

What our Parents Say

  • "All my children have attended and are doing really well. This is down to the teachers at Blakesley School."
  • "I’ve had 4 kids come to this school. I’m very happy with their academic achievements."
  • "My child loves Blakesley and is very happy here."
  • "The school is a happy and secure environment."
  • "My child is well looked after and looks forward to coming to school."
  • "This school is really good and I’m happy for my kids to stay in this well led school. The school has been amazing since my first child came here. I am proud to say my children come to Blakesley Hall Primary School."
  • "A really good school that listens to your concerns as a parent and acts upon them."
  • "Amazing school with lovely teachers."

What our Staff Say

  • "Staff have a sense of camaraderie, cooperation, and empowerment to ensure that the main focus is always about the child."
  • "We try to make the school fun, educational and safe for them and care 100% about their well being as well as their education. I'm proud to be a part of this school."
  • "I am grateful for my year group team, who have been endlessly understanding and supportive since I joined the school in September."
  • "We really want our children to be safe, secure and successful. We try our best each day and work hard to get it right for the children in our school."

What our Visitors Say

  • "I was made to feel welcome at Blakesley Hall Primary. On our tour, I noticed that it’s a wonderfully calm, child centred school that really works hard to be inclusive for all the children and to help them thrive. I truly enjoyed being in that atmosphere!"