At Blakesley Hall Primary School, we have a team of coaches who meet regularly with staff across a range of different roles, to support them to achieve individual professional goals and improve or maintain a good sense of well-being.

These 'coachees', as a result, see a growth in their own individual performance, driven by self-motivation. Staff therefore have more ownership around their professional development and feel empowered to improve. Coaches do not provide solutions to problems. They ask the right questions, at the right time, to turn problems into solutions.

Staff appreciate the time that is given to coaching and the benefits that it brings.

Here are some testimonials from our staff:

"After a year of regular coaching I feel I have grown as a leader. I was able to analyse my approach to working in a new team and implement strategies to deal with issues."

"Coaching has been really rewarding. I have been able to reflect on my own leadership skills and identify areas for improvement. My coach has created a safe environment for me to be able to be vulnerable and discuss areas for development."

"These sessions have not only given me my self-esteem back but given me new strategies/tools to be confident enough to deal with problems as they arise."

"Because the sessions have been regular, it has given me an opportunity to reflect on my own goals and targets over a short term and build a relationship with a coach who understands your needs and approaches to work."

"A great way of dealing with any issue in a solution based way. Focussed time for you and how you can move forward in that area."

"Have focussed, uninterrupted time for you. Sessions were productive and allowed for freedom of topic."

"It’s given me ideas for my future and what I want to do to develop further."

"This is my first time participating in coaching sessions and I have found them more useful than I ever could have imagined. I wasn’t sure what coaching meant when I first started, but as it was explained to me and I had my first session, I quickly realised that there were endless benefits to them."

"Coaching promotes self-reflection and this is incredibly important for professional development."

"Self-reflection can lead to identifying strengths and boost confidence."