Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Curriculum

Blakesley Hall Primary School is a diverse, multi-cultural school, which celebrates the richness of backgrounds within our community. We also understand the importance of language skills, whether it is developing English, learning French (as taught to our KS2 pupils) or using a home language.

We have a structured approach to the teaching of French throughout Key Stage Two. Pupils will have the opportunity to enhance their vocabulary of French through speaking, listening, reading and writing. We aim to make French fun, enjoyable and meaningful, whilst providing an increasing level of challenge.

At Blakesley Hall, we encourage a growth mind-set in all our learners, and learning a new language is one of the most effective ways to develop creative thinking and problem solving skills. Learning simple French phrases, whilst also learning about another country’s geography and culture, helps pupils to understand the modern world, and respect a different way of life.

As Government guidance states, 'A high-quality languages education should foster pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world.' Furthermore, learning a language is a life skill which children can continue to develop as adults.

The National Curriculum requires pupils to:

  • Join in and respond;
  • Ask and answer questions;
  • Express opinions;
  • Develop accurate pronunciation;
  • Recall common words;
  • Describe people places and things;
  • Write accurately from memory.

Pupils can achieve this via the broad range of topics we teach, such as: weather, food, telling the time, sports, animals, and describing your home.

In summary, we aim to make French fun, practical, and purposeful, as we encourage resilience and problem-solving within a new language.