Science Curriculum

Here at Blakesley Hall Primary School, we believe that all children have the right to an exciting, real and practical curriculum. Science plays a huge role in this and develops many transferable skills to set pupils up for the wider world.

The Science Curriculum consists of Science knowledge, which children build through their experiences of different topics – such as Space, Rocks and Plants, and Working Scientifically Skills, which children develop through practical investigations.

Each year, children will experience sx Science topics, using our Switched on Science scheme of learning. By using Switched on Science, our pupils will experience many practical lessons, which provide meaningful learning opportunities. The outline can be found below:

Year Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
(Linked to provision and ELGs)
Senses and Seasons Different Environments Changing states of matter Life cycles and 
Seed planting
Job roles in  our society Different animals.
1 Who am I? Celebrations Polar Places Plants and Animals where we live On Safari Holiday
2 Squash, Bend, Twist and Stretch. Our Local Environment Materials Monster Little Masterchefs Young gardeners Healthy Me
3 Light and Shadows Rocks, Soil and Fossils. Food and Our Bodies Science in Action- W/S Skills unit: Nappy Challenge How Does Your Garden Grow? Forces and Magnets
4 Teeth and Eating Looking at States Living Things What’s that Sound? Power It Up? Science in Action- W/S Skills unit:
The Big Build
5 Let’s Get Moving Amazing Changes Material World Out of this World Science in Action- W/S Skills unit: Being a scientist Circle of Life
6 The Titanic Electricity Healthy Bodies Classifying Living Things Evolution and Inheritance Light

Working Scientifically means that children begin to think like Scientists; they will use skills that real-world scientists use. We start these skills in the Early Years Foundation Stage, and build upon them throughout Key Stage 1 and 2. Working Scientifically skills include: making predictions, collecting data, observing over time, sharing their findings in written or verbal form, and drawing conclusions. We encourage links to Maths and English skills wherever possible.

As a result of our teaching and learning of Science at Blakesley, we provide a curriculum that fosters children’s natural curiosity and encourages them to ‘have a go’ and explore their ideas.