Year 5

Happiness and Tolerance

Year 5 is an important year in a child’s primary life. It equips your child with the required key skills and knowledge before they take the next and final step of primary school. We aim to ensure that the children are ready for the challenges of Year 6 (and beyond).

In Year 5, we pride ourselves on setting high expectations for the children, ensuring the children feel PROUD of who they are and what they have achieved. We aim to help children succeed academically as well as socially, learning about each other and our wider communities.

During this year your child will be taught by class teachers:

  • Miss Parsons
  • Mr Walmsley
  • Mr Allen
  • Mr Addis

Supported by teaching assistants:

  • Mrs Delemere
  • Mrs Benmoulai
  • Miss Spencer
  • Mrs Redstone
  • Mrs Matharu

Phase Leader:

  • Mrs Reid-Leonard

Year 5 Homework:

  • Daily reading 20-30 minutes
  • Weekly reading comprehension task
  • Weekly spelling test practice
  • Daily mental maths practice – 10 minutes (quick recall of all times tables to 12 and associated division facts, as well as multiply and divide by 10, 100, 1000)

If you have any concerns you can contact your child’s class teacher directly through Class DoJo, which will also allow you to monitor and track your child’s behaviour throughout their school day. Please check Class Dojo regularly for year group updates.


Timetables for Year 5 classes:


Painting Henry VIII.
World War 2 poetry.