Year 1

Co-operation and Caring

In Year 1 we want to help the children transition to a more formal way of teaching.

In Reception the children were starting to transition to this by doing Read Write Inc. which we continue in Year 1. We encourage our children to reach their full potential, providing a stimulating and interactive classroom environment and supporting them to this changed learning environment.

We aim to build strong home school partnerships and often invite parents into the classroom to see how their children are progressing and to take home ideas that can be used to help children learn.

During this year your child will be taught by class teachers:

  • Miss Parsons
  • Miss Bond
  • Miss Jones
  • Mrs Crutchley

Supported by teaching assistants:

  • Mrs Wilson
  • Mrs Patel
  • Mrs Saraj

We set spelling every week which are words that we encourage children to use in their writing at school. We encourage you to help them practice their spellings for the following week.

Year 1 have PE on Wednesday afternoons.

Our Learning

Timetables for Year 1 classes:

The documents above are in pdf format.


We went on a walk around the local area. We conducted a traffic survey and found numbers in the environment.
We have been learning about stay healthy. We made a fruit salad and enjoyed our 5 a day!

We made collages inspired by Andy Goldsworthy
We have been working on our dancing. We held a dance workshop for parents.

We build a sculpture using natural materials.
We had a fantastic morning watching a theatre performance.