We ask that parents send children to school wearing the items of uniform detailed below:

  • School sweatshirt (available from the school office - price £10.50) or
  • Navy blue v-necked jumper or
  • Navy blue cardigan (available from the school office - price £10.50)
  • Pale blue or white polo shirt with collar
  • Grey trousers/skirt/pinafore
  • Muslim girls may wear a headscarf in school uniform colours  of navy, white or black (available from the school office - price £5).
  • School tie, not compulsory (available from the school office - price £2).

Suitable items are available from many local shops at very reasonable cost.

Children must not wear jeans or trainers. Heeled fashion shoes are not suitable safe footwear and must not be worn.

PE and Games Kit

  • Plain T-shirt, preferably white (available from the school office - price £4.50)
  • Plain shorts, preferably navy or white
  • Navy jogging bottoms
  • Trainers or pumps
  • One piece swimming costume or swimming trunks.

Protective Clothing

Practical activities can be messy. Please send in some form of protective overall – an old adult shirt is ideal.


For reasons of Health and Safety pupils must not wear jewellery to school.

Neck chains and earrings can be hazardous to wearers when they get caught up in clothing. If children ignore warnings to leave jewellery at home they will be asked to remove items. Studs in pierced ears and watches may be worn, but pupils wishing to do so must accept responsibility for these items.

No responsibility can be accepted for personal items brought into school and lost or damaged on the premises.