Introduction to the Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to be exciting, engaging and appropriate to the children in Blakesley Hall Primary School. It covers the requirements of the National Curriculum including English, Maths, Science, ICT, History, Art and Design Technology, PE, Music and PSHE.

You can also read various policies relating to our curriculum on our Policies page.

In Reception we follow the EYFS Framework.

Key Skills

To ensure progression our curriculum is underpinned by key skills. These build on one another as our children move through the school.

The Creative Curriculum

The curriculum is taught following question based themes, which allow the children to make effective links between subject areas. It allows us to deliver cross curricular lessons with flexibility across the timetable. The curriculum is mapped out across a two year cycle:

In order to make the children’s experience more involving we work in phases, enabling the year groups to pool experiences.

Half Termly Themes

Half-termly themes are detailed on information sheets which we share with children and parents prior to beginning the topic. This allows children and parents to research and carry out pre-learning.

An important aspect of our curriculum delivery is to have a ‘memorable experience’, a visit or visitor, or a special experience day on which the book can ‘hook’ their learning.


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