Governing Body

The Governing Body at Blakesley Hall Primary School is made up of volunteers who are passionate about ensuring that pupils of Blakesley Hall get the very best possible start in their foundation and primary education.

We are a large team of people from all walks of life. All Governing Bodies are made up of parents, staff, community governors and Local Authority appointed governors - and we follow this pattern.

As Governors we have some very important responsibilities relating to ensuring that the school manages its money properly; that we recruit appropriately; and that we have a healthy and safe environment, free from discrimination.

There are many statutory duties incumbent upon us - but our main priority is around ensuring that we take a strategic view of the school, leaving the operational and professional aspects of running the school to the Headteacher and her team.

We do, of course, work very closely with Mrs Phillips, who is also a member of the Governing Body. What we must be is a 'critical friend' - which means that we ask questions about what happens in school so that we can ensure that the focus is always on pupils progressing and achieving their potential - whatever their starting point.

While at times the duties of Governors can be very demanding, we are privileged to be in a position of unique involvement in helping to develop and shape the citizens of tomorrow.

Josh Cronin
Chair of Governors

Governing Body Members

Name Title/Role
Joshua Cronin Chair of Governors, Co-opted Governor
Trevor Dainty Vice Chair, Parent Governor
Asif Rasool Co-opted Governor
Sonia Campbell Co-opted Governor
Amanda Cross Co-opted Governor
Chris Faulks Co-opted Governor
Janice Wood Co-opted Governor
Noreen Afsal Parent Governor
Les Vile Local Authority Governor
Heather Phillips Headteacher
Emily Brown Staff Governor
Adam Protherough Staff Governor
Dionne Da-Costa Associate Member
Tyrone Samuel Associate Member

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