Event: School Field Trip to Stansfeld

15 June 2010

Everyone enjoyed last night's walk in the woods. The quietest children spotted badgers, bats, mice and deer. The noisiest children scared them all off!

All slept well (eventually) but woke very excited and loud by 6am - Miss Edge had the job of trying to calm them all down! Breakfast was well appreciated - croissants, muffins and cereals with tea and coffee.

The children's manners and the way they are behaving towards each other and to the staff is wonderful - there is lots of laughter.

This morning they are enjoying team games and challenges in the woods and on the field - the weather is perfect. In describing the time so far - Leah says "muddy but exciting" - I will enjoy lunch with them (jacket potatoes today) and head back to school this afternoon.

Mrs Phillips

The Stansfeld Story by Savannah 5W and Muskan 6E...

Monday: When we arrived at Stansfeld, we were so excited, the first thing we did was put our bags by our beds and one of the staff called Emily, showed all the girls around the building and Mike (also one of the staff) showed all the boys around the grounds of Stansfeld.

The first activity we did was orienteering, the activity involved finding key points using red stamps in the forest, we worked individually and in pairs, it was optional.

Then we had our lunch, there were three tables for the children and one set out for staff. The food was wonderful and so were the deserts the water was refreshing.

After Lunch we had free time which was only five minutes long but we had it frequently. Soon after we had an evening walk around the site with Mike or Emily.

Shower time had arrived aprox. 8:00pm once all 42 children had showers we settled down to a cup of hot chocolate and a chocolate chip cookie (yum!), we also watched a film called ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’. After all that fun filled day we wearily climbed into bed at aprox. 9:50pm. when we were all worn out, it felt like home.

Our journey to Oxford: We were up bright and early aprox.7:45am, we were told to go to the bath rooms to get cleaned then we were told to get dressed. We were ready for aprox.8:00am as we walked down to the dining room to have our breakfast as soon as we were ready to leave we got our packed lunch we got a chocolate bar and a packet of crisp with a sandwich, water and a carton of juice.

When we arrived at oxford at aprox. 9:30, we went to Christ Church where the Harry Potter is filmed when their in the dining hall, then we looked round Christ Church and we were told a story by Emily, after we looked around Christ Church we had our lunch at the river themes with Emily and Yvonne with all the staff from Blakesley hall.(Yvonne is a member of staff from Stansfeld).

After we had our lunch by the river Thames we went to The Pitt Rivers Museum and then we got to the Pitt Rivers Museum we got split into two groups and one group went to The Pitt Rives Museum and the others went The Natural History Museum and had a chat with Chris who worked at The Museum. Our Journey back was quick and we were soon back at Stansfeld.

The Journey Home: We all missed home dearly but when it was time to go home no one wanted to go home. Once we had got our Luggage onto the coach we all sat down next to our friends, funnily a girl desperately needed the loo lol!

Arrival at school aprox.2:45pm every one was so excited to see their parents but so sad to leave Stansfeld.