Event: Stansfeld Residential

January 2009

This year we visited Stansfeld Education Centre for a week in January.

Whilst at Stansfeld we learnt more about the woodland and the country code. We also found out about the wildlife that lives in the pond at the centre.

On some of the days we visited several places around Oxford. This included Bodlein Library, Radcliffe Camera and Christ Church College (famous for Harry Potter films).

During the evening we had free time which we could play in the rec room. The rec room had a pool table, table tennis and football tables. Also Mr Walmsley brought along his PlayStation, PSP and DS for us to use.

The funniest bit of the trip was when someone fell into the pond. The scariest bit was when we went on a night hike around the woods. The most exciting bit was when we played the survival game.

Working in groups to solve problems.
Enjoying the adventure playground.

Building shelters.
Pond dipping.

Working with stuffed animals.
Examining bugs.

The Radcliffe Camera.
Christ Church College, Oxford University.