Event: Red Nose Day

17 March 2009

On Friday 17th March 2009, it was Red Nose Day. Every child and staff member wore red clothes and some wore funny clothes.

The Year 6 school council members collected a pound from every child and staff member; also everyone bought some money for the teachers (Mrs Phillips, Mrs Faulks or Mr Larigo) who they wanted to be gunged!

Everyone was happy and excited today. The day was ordinary - until the end of the day! At 2.30pm everyone in the school, including staff members and dinner ladies, came outside at the Yardley Green entrance. Everyone stood there; all happy and all looking at the senior leaders, all dressed in their waterproof costumes.

All three senior leaders stood in front of the whole school, looking nervous. The Year 6 school council members stood behind them, with a bucket full of orange, horrible gunge! Everyone was ready to see which senior leader will be gunged. Who will it be?

Well there was a countdown from 10. Everyone was screaming the numbers out. The Year 6 school council members were to gunge one of the senior leaders. They were about to gunge Mrs Faulks as everyone thought it was she who was going to get gunged! But she didn't. Who was it? IT WAS MRS PHILLIPS!

Everyone was surprised it was Mrs Phillips but they burst into laughter!

The gunge also came on Mrs Faulks and Mr Larigo! Everyone was laughing non-stop, happier than ever! So Red Nose Day was VERY funny at the end of the day as Mrs Phillips got the orange gunge all over her!

All together, we have raised over £900! Perhaps this Day was the funniest day ever!

The staff get dressed up!
It's gunge time!