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Tuesday 21st October - 1T Maths workshop (8.30am-10.30am) and 1A Maths workshop (2.00pm-3.15pm) - all parents/carers welcome
Wednesday 22nd October - Eid Mela - open to parents from 3.15pm-4.30pm ALSO Red Ridge Year 6 Parent meetings - 3.30pm and 5.00pm
Friday 24th October - pupils break up for half term holiday at 3.15pm

This is an overview of what the children will be doing:-
Reception - will be learning about a story set in Africa - Handa's surprise. Children will also be testing different fruit.
Phase 1 - we will be learning about Rosa Parks - a role play activity. We will also be learning about Martin Luther King - Art activity. The children will also be creating a dove of peace and a poem of peace.
Phase 2 - will be looking at the poetry of Benjamin Zephaniah and the multi cultures of Birmingham, where we live. Children will plan and write their own poems reflecting our community.
Phase 3 - will be looking at WW1 soldier Walter Tull, researching, writing biographies and producing information pages based on him. They will also look wider at the role of the soldiers from across the Empire during WW1.

We are proud of our Virtual Learning Environment. This is an online tool that our pupils can access both in school and at home to support their learning. Relevant links and resources will be available. Please encourage your children to access the VLE at home to reinforce their learning. Visit our exciting VLE here or click the Moodle graphic at the bottom of the page.

Read a letter from our School Council expressing their concerns about dangerous parking on our Newsletters page.

Following our Safety Week, we have published some Guidelines for Parents on eSafety and Social Media, which can be read on our Policies Page.

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